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A Fair Deal for Milwaukee County

We need to build a new partnership with the State of Wisconsin to adequately fund state-mandated services and get our fair share of the increased taxes we are sending to Madison. This is the increased revenue we need to adequately fund public services, maintain facilities, and provide property tax relief for everyone in Milwaukee County.

Quality of Life

Together, we will improve the quality of life for every resident, in every city and village in Milwaukee County. From our parks to public health, we're going to forge new partnerships and make Milwaukee County stronger.

Public Transit

We will work together to avoid fare increases and expand transit routes so everyone in Milwaukee County has access to jobs, education, and recreation.

Protecting Public Parks

We've made great strides in rebuilding parkway roads, bike paths, lighting, and playgrounds, but more work is still ahead of us. Milwaukee County has a rich legacy of public parks as one of our greatest community assets, but they are long overdue for investment that rebuilds them for future generations.

Safe Communities

Working with the Sheriff, our courts, and local municipalities, we will find new ways of working together to ensure improved public safety for all of Milwaukee County.